Newlyn Harbour
Newlyn is one of the largest fishing ports in the UK
The village of Newlyn, just outside of Penzance down in the far southwest of Cornwall has been home to the tradition of fishing for generations.

Newlyn remains today one of the busiest harbours in the UK, with a mixture of boats leaving each day to fish. The waters around the Cornish Coast and beyond, rich in variety, allow Cornwall and Newlyn to be renowned for its shellfish and excellent fish quality.

In 1887 a new South Pier and then in 1888 the new North Pier were constructed, leaving what is now fondly known as the “Old Harbour” as a historical reminder of Newlyn harbour’s humble beginnings. A new fish market followed and smaller boat pontoons in 2005. The newly expanded harbour can be accessed at any tide allowing boats to come and go at all hours of the day and night and land their catch ready for the next auction.

Newlyn Harbour and Pier Commissioners, next door to Stevenson in the Harbour Offices, oversee the running of the harbour and its developments so as to ensure it is in the interests of the fishing industry and community.