Our Fleet

Aaltje Adriaantje, Algrie, Billy Rowney, Cornishman, Filadelfia, James RH Stevenson, Lisa Jacqueline Stevenson, Resurgam, St Georges, Trevessa IV, Twilight III and William Sampson Stevenson.

The Stevenson fleet has been catching and landing Newlyn's finest fish for over 100 years and are part of who we are and what makes us Stevenson. Today the core fleet consists of 12 beam trawlers still fishing out of the tidal port of Newlyn Harbour every day. Providing jobs and work for the local community is very important to us and we hope to continue fishing with the Newlyn community for many more years to come.
We take our work seriously, and our fleet is Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS) accredited which ensures our high standards of fish catching, landing, quality and vessels are maintained. We also welcome any scientists from CEFAS and Seafish to accompany our vessels on fishing trips to check that we're doing exactly what we say.

For the most part we concentrate our efforts on prime fish in Area VII, beyond the 12 mile limit, with species of fish including Megrim, Monk, Dover Sole and Lemon Sole. At any one time our boats can have as many as 25 to 30 different species aboard ready to be landed and sold on the market.